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"I urge every nonprofit executive who values their sanity and their mission to buy each of their board members and major donors a copy of this book. Here in one inspired package is the intellectual artillery to intelligently debate another way forward."

-John Hope Bryant, Founder and Chairman, Operation HOPE, Inc.





1Buy ten copies of Uncharitable at one of these online sites:

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2Send them to your friends in the nonprofit world - board members, staff, executives, students, and others you know who have an interest in liberating the nonprofit sector and changing the way we create change.

3Enter your name below and we'll add you to our Power of Ten List.

(It's an honor system - we trust that you actually bought the books). All Power of Ten participants are entitled to one free hour of consultation with the author or a $250 discount on speaking fees. To redeem contact us by e-mail at info@uncharitable.net.

Power of Ten Participants to Date:

Stephen Patters

Wayne Elsey

Brian Menzies

Parton Raan

Neil Bellefeuille

Herb Hamsher (25)

Chris Markl

PATH Partners

Jimmy Smith

Gary Stewart (25)

United Way of
Greater Los Angeles (25)

Kevin Wendle

X PRIZE Foundation